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LaserCUSING NEWS 01.2016
LaserCUSING NEWS 01.2016


| Company |
Concept Laser continues on path to success

In 2015, Concept Laser achieved the best result in the company’s history. Theincrease in sales compared to the previous year was a whopping 54%. Whereas in 2014 orders were received for 110 machines, in 2015 a total of 161 machines were ordered. This equates to a volume growth of 46% compared to the previous year and did in fact exceed the planned annual target. By the end of 2015, more than 550 laser melting machines from Concept Laser had been installed around the world. Oliver Edelmann, VP Global Sales & Marketing, says: “The transition to industrial additive manufacturing on a large scale is stimulating our growth. We are very proud that we have managed to further build on the growth we enjoyed last year. This shows that we are still on the right path. But anyone who knows Concept Laser knows that our enthusiasm for the technology and our strong drive for innovation will not allow us to simply rest on what we have achieved so far.” 
The path of growth was also reflected in the number of employees, which rose by 67%from 103 (2014) to 172 (2015). At the same time, due to the favorable trend in the US marketConcept Laser Inc. (Grapevine, Texas, USA) was able to increase its number of employees to 17 people (correct as of: 12.31.2015).

2015年,Concept Laser实现了公司历史上的最好成绩。销量比前一年增加高达54%。2014年收到110台的机器的订单,而2015年共有161台设备订单。这相当于较上年同期的46%的数量增长,也实际上超过了所计划的年度目标。截至2015年底,已有550多台激光熔铸设备已经在世界各地安装。Oliver Edelmann(全球销售副总裁和市场营销)说:“加法生产工业促进我们的成长。我们很自豪,我们已设法进一步巩固我们在去年所享有的增长。这表明,我们仍然在正确的道路上。但每个了解Concept Laser公司的人都知道,我们对技术的热情以及强大的创新驱动力将不允许我们停止不前。”

成长的道路上也反映在员工数量的增加上,从2014年的103位增至2015年的172位,增幅达67%。与此同时,由于美国市场的Concept Laser公司(位于美国得克萨斯州)的有利趋势使其员工人数增加到了17人。

| Users |Premium AEROTEC and Concept Laser sign cooperation agreement

Premium AEROTEC, a key supplier to Airbus, embarked on the series production of 3D-printed metal parts for aircraft at its Varel site (Friesland) on January 20, 2016. To do this, the manufacturer constructed a new production hall in Varel in which, among other parts, a double-walled pipe elbow in the fuel system of the A400M transport aircraft will now be manufactured. These complex parts were previously produced from individual cast parts which were then welded together to form one assembly. In the hall, two M2 cusing Multilaser machines and one X line 1000R machine from Concept Laser produce 3D parts in the LaserCUSING®process. “By the middle of 2016, another X line 2000R will be added,” says Gerd Weber, site manager for Premium AEROTEC in Varel. With this investment, the company is following a target set by Airbus, namely to consistently promote and expand AM production and AM processes through to 2018.

AEROTEC,空中客车公司主要供应商,在2016年1月20日着手飞机3D打印金属部件产业。为了做到这一点,制造商在Varel建造了一个新的生产车间,其他部分之间,现在将制造A400M运输机的燃料系统的双壁管弯头。这些复杂的零件先从各个铸件中取出,然后将其焊接在一起,以形成一个组件。在大厅里,来自Concept Laser的两台M2 双激光头和一台X线机1000R运用LaserCUSING®技术生产三维零件。 “到2016年中期,另一台X线2000R将被添加,”Gerd Weber ,Varel生产经理说。通过这项投资,公司继沿行空客公司的目标,即始终如一地促进和扩大自动化生产和自动化进程至2018年.
At the same time, the company entered into a cooperation agreement with Concept Laser as the premium supplier for machinery and plant technology. The core aspects of the expanded working relationship are the further industrialization of the laser melting process for applications in aviation, the further development of the plant and process technology and the QA systems, as well as the qualification of new powder alloys. Frank Herzog, founder and President & CEO of Concept Laser, says: “This cooperation marks animportant milestone for the industrialization of 3D metal printing in aircraft construction. The network will work together to improve the value chain. The challenges for laser melting as part of Industry 4.0 are: Digitization, automation and interlinking of the machines in order to create a smart factory.”

与此同时,该公司已与Concept Laser达成合作协议,成为机器和工厂技术的优质供应商。扩大的工作关系的核心方面是激光熔化方法的用于航空应用的进一步工业化,植物和工艺技术和质量检查系统的进一步发展,以及新的粉末合金的资格。Frank Herzog,Concept Lase的创始人和总裁兼首席执行官表示:“此次合作标志着3D金属印刷在飞机制造产业的一个重要里程碑。该网络将共同努力,提高价值链。激光熔铸为工业4.0的一部分的挑战是:数字化,自动化和以创建智能工厂的机器互连“。

| Prizes & awards |
Concept Laser wins IAMA Award 2016

As part of the specialist congress “Inside 3D Printing” held as part of Metav in Düsseldorf

on February 24, the International Additive Manufacturing Award 2016 (IAMA) was presented. And

the winner was: Concept Laser. We prevailed over 15 competitors from Germany, Finland, Great

Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA, including such prominent suppliers as DMG


正如2月24日,在杜塞尔多夫举行的 “内部3D打印” 专家会议,作为 METAV的一部分,提出了国际制造业

添加剂2016年奖(IAMA),而获奖者是:Concept Laser。我们从战胜德国,芬兰,英国,荷兰,瑞士和美

国等超过15个竞争对手,包括这些突出的供应商如DMG Mori.

The IAMA winner manages to combine efficiency and brilliance with its QM Meltpool 3D. This

innovation is the first three-dimensional in-situ real-time process monitoring system in

powder-bed-based additive manufacturing. It measures properties such as the size and

intensity of the melt pool thermal radiation in ultra-high resolution and represents the

data to correlate with the position of the meltpool on the component surface and therefore

the component geometry. The user can therefore easily localize process anomalies and assess

them. Elaborate and costly component investigations conducted using computed tomography (CT)

can be drastically reduced as a result.

该IAMA奖的赢家设法将效率和才华与QM Meltpool 3D结合起来。这种创新是第一个三维原位实时过程监控在




The IAMA was created from a partnership between the US American Association for Manufacturing

Technology (AMT) and the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW) and it comes with

100,000 dollars in prize money.


| Company |
Growth creates further space requirement

The huge increase in the number of machines sold by another 46% in 2015 and further

significant growth in the first quarter of 2016 as well, the market launch of the new

machine architecture as part of our AM Factory of Tomorrow campaign at the end of 2015,

and a research and development department that is continuously expanding its number of

staff and pilot machines demand a further expansion of our working space at our

company’s premises.


The move into a new hall will expand the working space for logistics, research and development

and final assembly by a further 1,100 sqm. Including the logistics hall which only opened a year

ago, the newly added space will be split between the logistics, research and development, and

final assembly departments. Logistics will fully transfer to the new hall, and expanded areas

will be created for research and development, as well as final assembly. The expansion of the

amount of space available will enable Concept Laser to respond even more quickly and flexibly

to the challenges that lie ahead.



及总装创建。可用空间量的扩大将使Concept Laser 甚至更快,更灵活地摆在面前的挑战。

| Company |
Benchmarking capacities expanded considerably

Our benchmarking capacity was expanded further due to the huge level of demand. Insiders know

that, if a customer expresses interest in making a purchase, the benchmarking department builds

parts on the corresponding machine. These are then provided to the interested party to assess a

wide range of purchase criteria, for example the quality of the surface finish or mechanical

properties. The benchmark is thus our “reference workshop” and therefore performs a vital

role as part of the sales process.



This is why we invested 4.5 million EUR in increased plant availability. The range of machines

for benchmarking now covers the full breadth of machines offered by our company, and therefore

the largest range of build envelopes of any providers anywhere in the world. For example,

1 x M1 cusing, 2 x M2 cusing Mutilaser, 3 x Mlab cusing / R, an X line 1000R and an X line

2000R are now available for benchmarking. Our colleagues in benchmarking are currently

handling around 80 - 100 enquiries per month, and this trend is increasing.


在世界任何地方的任何供应商建立最大范围的轨道。例如,1×M1 cusing,2×M2 cusing Mutilaser,3×MLAB

cusing/ R,一个X线1000R和X线2000R现在可用于标杆。我们的基准测试的同事正在处理大约每月80 – 100


| Research & Development |
Facts, figures, data

Our development center really does live up to its reputation as the “spearhead of the company”.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Florian Bechmann, around 60 employees and 15 students are

currently working in the Concept Academy on Concept Laser’s future and on advancing the

powder-based laser melting of metals.

我们的研发中心确实做到了作为“公司先锋”的美誉。在Florian Bechmann博士的领导下,大约60名员工和

15名学生在概念学院目前正致力于Concept Laser的未来和推动金属基粉末激光熔化。
A look at the figures for the development center gives an indication of the performance and

impetus that inspires our whole company: For example, the size of the compressed CAD database

rose from 56 GB (end of 2014) to 201 GB (end of 2015), which equates to roughly 1.5 TB. At the

end of 2015, this corresponded to a total of 8,198,680 documents (such as 3D data records,

drawings and technical documents). Whereas in 2013 the number of examination reports for

development and quality assurance was 159, by 2015 there were already 790. The number of

samples examined in the laboratory was 1,000 in 2013. In 2015, there were 7,400 laboratory

samples. We thank the R&D team for displaying so much dedication and diligence.

数字发展中心的成功激励推动我们整个公司的业绩:比如,压缩的CAD数据库的大小从56 GB(2014年底)上

升到201 GB(2015年底),这相当于大致1.5 TB。截至2015年底,这相当于一共有8198680个文件记录在案




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