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LaserCUSING NEWS 2015第四季度新闻



Dr. Florian Bechmann
Head of Research & Development,
Concept Laser

For Concept Laser, 2015 was a year blessed with good fortune: around 170 machines and installations were sold around the world by the turn of 2015/2016. This is a clear vote of confidence from the LaserCUSING® users and asign that the market still hasplenty of faith in us going forward. We want to remain right at the forefront technologically in 2016 as well. Allow me to briefly outline what three main focal points we will have this year in our research and development department:

2015年对Concept Laser来说是福佑的一年,20152016年为止共有大约170台机器和设备转销到世界各地。这份来自用户的信心清晰地表明了市场充分看好我们的发展。2016年我们仍将注重最前沿技术的开发。请允许我介绍一下我们设计研发部门今年的三个要点:

· Since the fall of 2015, our QMmeltpool 3D has been undergoing beta phase testing and so commercial availability is drawing ever nearer. This real-time monitoring tool provides customers with a significant benefit when it comes to process monitoring and thus quality assurance too.

2015年秋为止,我们的QMmeltpool 3D技术一直在进行测试阶段,商业可用性越来越接近尾声。这种实时监控工具为客户提供了显著的好处,通过监控能保证产品质量。

· The new machine software CL WRX 2.0 will shortly be widely launched on the market. This will enable the machine to access lots more exposure strategies that have been developed for specific materials by our process development engineers. In addition, the user interface and the build job data handling have been significantly enhanced and given greater performance capability in order to take account of the increasing requirements for topology optimization, a lattice structure and large parts.

新软件CL WRX2.0不久将广泛在市场上推出。这软件能在工程师开发的特殊材料的上取得更多的接触战略。此外,用户界面和构建作业数据的处理已显著增强,以考虑对拓扑优化,晶格结构和大部件的不断提高的要求给定的更高的性能的能力。

· We will soon be seeing a new generation of machines that enjoyed their debut back in November at “Formnext 2015” in Frankfurt. We refer to the concept as “AM Factory of Tomorrow.”

11月法兰克福“Formnext 2015”展上一个新一代的机器将初次登台亮相。我们的概念指的是“明天上午的工厂。”

You will find details of what lies behind the threedevelopment topics outlined in brief in this newsletter. Feel free to talk to us about any of the topics. I firmly believe that with this array of new possibilities we are steeringLaserCUSING® in an entirely new direction. I wish you a great start to 2016 and an enjoyable read.

你将在这3个简短的要点后发现更多细节。随时欢迎跟我们讨论任何问题。我确信这将使LaserCUSING® 往更新的领域发展。祝你2016年有一个好的开始,并且感谢你的阅读。
Yours,  Dr. Florian Bechmann 
(Head of Research & Development, Concept Laser)

| Trade fairs |商品展览会
AM Factory of Tomorrow makes its debut at Formnext powered by TCT


The 1st Formnext opened its doors in Frankfurt am Main in November 2015. At this opening event, Concept Laser was represented by Oliver Edelmann (Head of Sales & Marketing) and this heralded the start for the first edition of formnext powered by TCT.

首届法兰克福国际精密成型及3D打印制造展览会于201511月在法兰克福举行了开幕活动,由Concept Laser市场及销售总监奥利弗·艾德曼出席,这预示着TCTFormnext第一次举办提供了技术支持。
At a stand covering an area of 200 square meters, Concept Laser GmbH unveiled its new products and innovations. The main focus was on the “new machine architecture” under the motto “AM Factory of Tomorrow,” which was presented to the public for the first time during a press conference. The numerous innovations associated with this represent a crucial step from rapid prototyping through to series production. The modular approach of the concept now allows digital networking and automation of any number of machines or their components. Thanks to optimization of the processes, faster and more economical industrial production solutions embracing the idea of Industry 4.0 can be implemented. 
在占地200平方米的展会上,Concept Laser亮相了其新产品和创新理念。主要的重点是在口号“明天的自动化工厂“下重申“新机器架构”,这是首次出现在新闻发布会中。此创新是把快速成型直到批量生产关键的一步联系起来,这一概念的模块化方法现在允许数字网络和任意机器或其部件的自动化。由于过程的优化,更快和更经济的工业生产解决方案将更快推进工业4.0构想的实施。
This includes among other things flexible machine loading and physical separation of the setting-up and disarming processes. The objective here is to coordinate the process components in a targeted way and increase the flexibility of the process design. 

In addition, visitors to the trade fair were able to learn more about the latest trends at our expert islands dedicated to the themes of design, materials, application and quality assurance. Moreover, an M2 cusing multilaser and an Mlab cusing with new peripherals showcased the very latest machine technology from Concept Laser.

此外,游客在交易会上能够更多地了解我们在设计,材料,应用和品质保证等成熟领域的最新趋势。而且,M2 双激光和MLAB 激光打印机及随附的新配件充分展示了来自Concept Lase的最新机械技术。

All in all, the first formnext powered by TCT was judged to be a resounding success!


| Machine control |机床控制
New CL WRX 2.0 software: faster, better and more transparent

新的CL WRX 2.0软件:更快,更好,更透明
The requirements for machine and process control are growing. This was a good enough reason for us to fundamentally overhaul our control system. The control system successfully completed the beta test phase. The new CL WRX 2.0 software offers the machine operator a new, modern and visually attractive user interface with a great deal of transparency in the process. For example, part parameters can be varied very clearly and easily using slider bars. 
机器和过程控制的要求越来越多。这是一个足够好的理由让我们从根本上彻底改革我们的控制系统。该控制系统成功地完成了beta测试阶段。全新CL WRX2.0软件提供机器操作者一个新的,现代和有视觉吸引力的用户界面。例如,部分参数可以非常清楚的变化,方便地使用滑动条。
The new features of CL WRX 2.0 offer lots of other possibilities for process design. For instance, speed optimization is produced thanks to five new “island” strategies. New exposure strategies for segmentation of the build job, e.g. based on the “shell-and-core” principle, deliver greater flexibility and better surfaces, as well as the possibility of dedicated upside and downside exposure. 
CL WRX2.0提供大量的其他可能性工艺设计的新功能。例如,速度优化生产得益于五个新“island”的战略。为构建工作的分割,例如新战略曝光基于“壳芯”的原则,提供了更大的灵活性,以及更能显现优势和下行风险的突出。
In the case of downside, the lower part of the object to be constructed is moved with a different parameter and a lower laser power in order to obtain a better surface as here there is construction directly into the powder. Upside denotes the upward-facing surface areas of a part which are processed with special exposure elements in respect of their surface structure and the stepped effects which are typical of the process. As part of the multilaser technology, an option tooperate two lasers simultaneously was of course also integrated. 
CL WRX 2.0 offers the machine operator significantly enhanced performance and a time gain: this has been achieved by fundamentally overhauling the software architecture for build job data handling. The structure has been improved so that parts or build jobs can now be loaded, moved or copied more quickly. The machine operator also gains time from the high level of responsiveness when operating the software. Finally, optimizations have also been made in the way that the system components communicate in the build process. In summary, the new software allows operation that is up to 60 per cent fasterthan the previous control system, as reference measurements revealed. 
CL WRX2.0显著增强了机器的操作性能和时间上的增益:这已经通过从根本上检修用于生成作业数据处理软件体系结构来实现。该结构得到改善,使部分或建造工作现在可以加载,移动或更快速地复制。操作软件时,机器操作员也收获时间从高级别响应的。最后,优化也已经在该系统部件在构建过程的通信方式进行。总之,作为参照测量显示,新的软件允许操作即至比以前的控制系统快60%。
CL WRX 2.0 has already been supplied with the new M2 cusing / M2 cusing Multilaser machines. The machine types Mlab cusing / R and M1 cusing have also been added since the beginning of the year. It is expected that an upgrade for the machine software of existing machines will be available from the second quarter of 2016.

CL WRX2.0已经在新的M2 激光/ M2 双激光机使用。而MLAB cusing/ RM1 cusing也已经在今年年初使用。据预计,现有机器将可从2016年第二季度都适用此软件。

| Machine control |机械控制
New parameter concept for greater flexibility and performance

Concept Laser continues to rely consistently on an open machine structure. This is true of modifications to process parameters right through to the future possibility of creating your own parameters all by yourselfy. 
Concept Laser维持对机械结构的一贯信赖。如此工业参数的修改真真切切可能会在未来由自己创建自己参数中运用。
The following applies to the forthcoming CL WRX 2.0 software: here the customer is given a protected parameterwhich they can vary within certain ranges – by changing the percentage of values – and can therefore create a new parameter. 
以下内容适用于即将使用的CL WRX2.0软件:这里的客户可以在一定范围内变化给予一个保护的参数,通过改变值的百分比,由此可以创建一个新的参数。
In the spring of 2016, a Parameter Editor will provide even greater flexibility. The objective is that, after receiving training, users will be able to develop and qualify parameters for their materials independently. Performance rather than an automated systemis our guiding principle. We are convinced that this is the right approach: experienced users will be able to adapt their part construction better, more effectively and efficiently to specific geometries and materials. 
This will then provide each customer with the opportunity to operate in a flexible and targeted way. As well as utilizing the very latest factory parameter status, it is also possible to optimize the parameter for the specific application. But in addition, the customer can also develop a completely new parameter if necessary.


| Company |公司概况
German President Joachim Gauck honors Frank Herzog

Industry needs guiding beacons. People and projects act as models for innovations which symbolize change and modifications. Frank Herzog, founder and President & CEO of Concept Laser, received the “German Future Prize 2015” together with his two project partners as part of the prize-giving ceremony, and was hailed as belonging to the “group of the best.” The prestigious event for all three nominated teams was held on December 2 in Berlin in the presence ofGerman President Joachim Gauck. On the previous evening, there was a joint dinner with the German President as well as a media event and a joint breakfast the following day. 
行业需求导向标。人员和项目演绎着象征改革的创新模范。弗兰克·赫尔佐格,Concept Laser的创始人和总裁兼首席执行官,他的两个项目的合作伙伴获得了“德国未来奖2015”一起作为颁奖典礼的一部分,被人们誉为属于“最好的组合。”122日在柏林在与德国总统约阿希姆·高克出席的盛会中,三个团队被提名最具成功项目奖。前一天晚上,这里举办了一个与德国总统联合的晚餐,一个媒体见面会和第二天的联合早餐。
Anyone wanting to know the outcome of the contest between the three nominated teams had to stay up a little longer that day. From 10.30pm, viewers were able to watch the presentation by Maybrit Illner and the decision of the jury as part of an evening gala broadcast on Germany’s ZDFchannel. German President Joachim Gauck revealed the result by opening a sealed envelope: 
任何想知道这三个提名的团队之间的较量的结果的人不得不熬夜等待。从晚上10点半,观众能够通过德国ZDF频道观看由Maybrit Illner和陪审团参与的盛况。德国总统约阿希姆·高克打开一个密封的信封,宣读结果:
The winning project ultimately came from the field of medicine: A relief for the heart and lung – from nitroglycerin to innovative therapies. We would also once again like to extend our warmest congratulations to the winners. 
获奖项目最终来自医药领域:用于心脏和肺的救济 - 硝酸甘油的创新疗法。我们也把最热烈地祝贺再次给我们的获奖者。

The project team, consisting of Peter Sander, Head of Emerging Technologies & Concepts at Airbus, Hamburg, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claus Emmelmann, CEO of Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH, Hamburg, and Frank Herzog, were included among the “group of the best,” and thus Germany’s scientific elite, with their project entitled “3-D printing in commercial aircraft engineering – a manufacturing revolution is taking off.” Frank Herzog: “Belonging to the ‘group of the best’ is a great honor for our team and for me personally. Even though we would have dearly loved to have won the ‘German Future Prize 2015,’being affiliated with the “group of the best” is an exceptional honor, in particular also recognizing the hard work of our dedicated employees. In addition, the high-profile nomination has resulted in afurther boost to the profile of our company.” 
项目小组,包括彼得·桑德Emerging Technologies & Concepts at Airbus公司总经理,克劳斯博士,Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH公司CEO弗兰克·赫尔佐格被列入跻身“最好的组合”,因此德国的科研精英,他们的项目题为“商用飞机工程3-D打印 - 制造革命正在起飞“弗兰克·赫尔佐格:”得到 “最好的组合'此荣誉,我们的团队和我本人感到非常荣幸。即使我们将不得不深爱已经赢得了“德国未来奖2015年,”与“最好的组合”是一个特殊的荣誉,认识到我们敬业的员工的辛勤工作得到了肯定。此外,备受瞩目的提名已经导致进一步推动我们公司的形象。“
A permanent exhibition at the Deutsches Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology in Munich will also showcase the projects of the nominated teams.


| France |法国
Sales and service in France strengthened

France has long displayed very dynamic potential for the additive manufacturing technology. This is why since March 1, 2015, the company Repmo (F-93214 Saint-Denis La Plaine near Paris) has been our new partner in order to bolster and expand our presence in our neighboring country. The machinery specialist has more than 40 years of very good references supporting its represented companies and customers. Repmo has very good links with four branch offices, spread across the country. In addition, Repmo ordered an Mlab cusing R as a demonstration machine in order to be able to carry out demonstrations for customers and reference build jobs at its pilot plant facility in Saint-Denis La Plaine. 
法国长期以来一直有着在添加剂制造技术中非常有活力的潜力。这就是为什么自201531日,Repmo公司(F-93214圣丹尼斯拉普兰巴黎附近)成为我们加强和扩大邻国的新的合作伙伴。我们机械专家支持其代表公司和客户超过40年。Repmo有四家分公司,在全国各地有很好的联系。此外,Repmo下令MLAB cusing - R作为演示机,以便能够在圣丹尼斯拉普兰的试点工厂设施,以开展客户和参考构建工作演示。
We have also expanded our own sales operation in France.Germain Mattern was appointed the new regional sales manager for France at the beginning of October 2015. Germain Mattern is based in the Alsace region. We wish our new colleague every success in his exciting new role.


| China |中国
Chengdu Dent orders first Multilaser machine from Concept Laser for China

成都登特定制了中国地区第一台Concept Laser公司的双激光打印设备
The additive metal laser melting process is used to carry out economical manufacturing of dental products such ascrowns, caps, model castings and secondary structures. Thanks to the standardized manufacturing process, unique products or small batches can be produced withconsistently high quality. This means that high-quality, perfectly fitting dentures can be made from cobalt-chromium, titanium or precious metal alloys– virtually overnight. 
添加金属激光熔化工艺被运用在进行更经济化地制造牙科制品,如牙冠,牙帽,模型铸件和二级结构。有了标准化的制造工艺,可以用一贯的高品质生产来制作独特的产品或小批量生产。这意味着,高品质,完美假牙几乎一夜就可从钴 - 铬,钛或贵重金属中制成。
Chengdu DT Dental Lab. Co., Ltd. is one of Concept Laser’s many references in the dental technology sector in China. The FDA-registered company (FDA = Food & Drug Administration, USA) has specialized in additively manufactured dentures and supplies products across the country with a primary focus on the west of China. For more than 20 years now, the company has been working with high-end solutions in the dental technology sector usingCAD/CAM methods and the laser melting of metals. 
成都登特牙科开发有限公司作为Concept Laser在中国牙科技术领域的一家领头公司,通过了FDA注册(FDA指美国食品药品监督管理局),一直专业从事制造相加假牙及耗材产品,主要专注于中国的西部市场。公司超过20年一直采用CAD / CAM方法和金属激光熔化技术解决高端的牙科技术。

Chengdu Dent has been working for quite some timewith machines from Concept Laser: Its fleet of machines include two M1 cusing and one Mlab cusing R machine for processing reactive materials such as titanium. 
成都登特已经使用了来自Concept Laser的激光打印机相当长一段时间:一共包括两台M1 cusing和一台MLAB cusing处理钛金属材料的熔化。
In November 2015, we installed a new M2 cusing Multilaserwith a 2x200 watt laser system at Chengdu Dent, and the intention is that the new machine will be used to manufacture large quantities of crowns and bridges. According to the company, the decision was very quickly made to order another machine from Concept Laser because the M2 cusing Multilaser was perfect for fairly large volumes and rapid set-up speeds. The filter surface area, which has quadrupled to 20 square meters, also played a considerable part in the decision as this means greater machine availability. In addition, the machine is “titanium-compatible.” The very positive experiences gained in the past did of course also count for a great deal: the general reliability and the faultless operation with its high levels of availability give the LaserCUSING® process a good reputation among the dental specialists. It is our first multilaser system in the “Middle Kingdom.”

在2015年11月,我们在成都登特安装了一个新的M2,用2×200瓦的双激光系统,本打算是,新机将用于生产大批量的牙冠和牙桥。据该公司称,定制这台机器这一决定是非常迅速做出的,因为M2 双激光能完美的高速运转并大面积的运用。过滤表面积因而翻了两番至20平方米,这对较大机器的使用起了决定性作用。此外,该机就是“钛兼容。”当然过去大量经验的获得也非常有价值:总体的可靠性,并以其高可用性的无故障操作给LaserCUSING®打下了良好的牙科专家的声誉。这是我们在“中央王国”的第一台双激光系统。

| Users |用户
FKM Sintertechnik places its trust in Concept Laser

FKM Sintertechnik GmbH based in Biedenkopf has been an important pioneer for selective laser sintering (SLS) inGermany and Europe since 1994. Harald Henkel, Managing Director of FKM Sintertechnik, says: “Since 1994 we have been part of a revolutionary process of rethinking in the industry. Whereas the rules of design used to be dictated by tooling and mold construction, today SLS 3D printing is transforming entire manufacturing processes.” Complex geometries can nowadays be integrated directly into parts.SLS additive manufacturing is simplifying design, saving assembly costs and safeguarding the lifespan of components. 
总部设在比登科普夫的FKM Sintertechnik股份有限公司一直是自1994年以来,FKM Sintertechnik董事汉高哈拉尔一直是德国和欧洲在选择性激光烧结(SLS)领域的重要先驱,他说:“自1994年以来,我们一直在反思这个行业革命进程的一部分。然而使用的设计规则由模具和模具结构来决定的,今天的SLS三维打印正在改变整个制造过程。“复合几何时下可以直接集成成部件。 SLS添加剂制造的简化设计,节省了组装成本和维护组件的使用寿命。
After gaining 20 years of practical experience in additive manufacturing, customers of FKM Sintertechnik benefit from an array of machines which has now grown to 29, numerous valuable upstream and downstream services, and a considerable knowledge lead when it comes to manufacturing fully functioning, additively manufactured components from plastic and metal. FKM Sintertechnik’s pool of machines include the Mlab cusing and M2 cusingmodels. A new M2 cusing Multilaser was recently also installed. But that is not all, as Harald Henkel explains: “For 2016 we have ordered more M2 cusing Multilasermachines. The set-up speeds and the suitability of the multilaser technology for series production fit very nicely with our business strategy. And we also want to be involved with very large build envelopes. A new X line 2000R from Concept Laser is set to be delivered to us here in Biedenkopf in the 1st quarter of 2016.” With this in mind, FKM Sintertechnik decided to construct a new hall which will be used exclusively for 3D metal processing in the future.

在获得20年的添加剂制造实践经验后, FKM Sintertechnik互利的客户现在已经发展到29个,拥有许多宝贵的上游和下游服务,引领着制造业快速发展,塑料和金属部件制造进程。与FKM Sintertechnik的合伙经营包含MLAB cusingM2 cusing模型。一个新的M2 双激光最近也安装了。但是,这还不是全部,因为汉高哈拉尔解释说:“对于2016年,我们已经订购了M2 cusing Multilaser机。建立更快速度和增能技术批量生产的适用性非常适合我们的业务战略。而我们也希望参与到新发展战略中来。从新的X线概念激光2000R将在2016年第一季度“被运到比登科普夫交付给我们,FKM Sintertechnik决定在未来建设新馆将专门用于3D金属加工。

| Company |公司新闻
New newsroom goes online

Concept Laser, the area in which the company operates, the AM markets and the constantly changing technology are allextremely dynamic in nature. The large quantity ofinformation and innovations that move, change and shapeus are more than varied. Daniel Hund, Global Head of Marketing & Communications, says: “In order to provide interested people and the media with a cross-channel overview of the latest trends and innovations, we have now established a dedicated Concept Laser Newsroom.” (http://newsroom.concept-laser.com) 
Concept Laser在公司运营方面,AM市场和不断变化的技术都在本质上极具活力。大量的信息和创新,移动,更改和使我们越来越多种多样化。丹尼尔·洪特,市场推广及传讯部全球负责人表示:“为了提供最新发展趋势和创新跨渠道给有兴趣的人和媒体媒体,我们现在已经建立了一个专门的理念激光新闻。”(HTTP/ /newsroom.concept-laser.com
It aims to deliver up-to-date information covering every aspect of LaserCUSING®. The intention is to cover as many possible different facets of machinery and plant control engineering, new trends in process engineering and information about the company in general. 
The target groups for the newsroom are very heterogeneous: this is the source of information for customers and users, partners, journalists, distribution partners, schoolchildren and students as well as simply people who are just interested in the world of 3D technology in general. 
Stay up-to-date and make use of the new facility we have created!


| Trade fairs 2016 |2016贸易展览会
Talk to Concept Laser

As ever, we invite customers and any other interested parties to talk to us about technical matters at the various exhibition venues we visit around the world. In the 1st quarter of 2016, you will find us in …


  • NORTEC Forum, Hamburg (D) 1/27/2016


  • Forum 3D Druck, Munich (D) 2/15 – 2/16/2016

3D德鲁克论坛,慕尼黑(D2/15 - 2016216

  • METAV, Düsseldorf (D) 2/23 – 2/27/2016

METAV,杜塞尔多夫(D2/23 - 2016227

  • Inside 3D Printing, Düsseldorf (D) 2/24 – 2/25/2016

3D印刷,杜塞尔多夫(D2/24 - 2016225

  • LEF, Fürth (D) 3/08 – 3/09/2016

 LEF,菲尔特(D3/08 - 201639

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We look forward to seeing you there.


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